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Wood Veneer Wall Coverings

Project Title:

Wood Veneer Wall Coverings

Company Name:

Fameed Khalique

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This hand-crafted collection of wood veneer wall coverings and joinery inserts offers the natural, organic beauty of real wood but with the modern look of wallpaper. Inspired by classical straw marquetry, each design is created by finely slicing wood into veneers that are dye cut and hand inlaid to create stunning contemporary and classic patterns.

Real straw marquetry has limitations in the size of area that can be covered and it is also cost prohibitive and time consuming. This is where Fameed Khalique’s wood veneer collection comes into its own with its ability to be used on a much larger expanse at a fraction of the cost.

With 9 standard patterns and custom capabilities for both design and colour, this collection is made with a non-woven backing and is suitable for both residential and contract use. Made using fast growing trees which are a sustainable resource.

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