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Whaletone the Piano – Grand version

Project Title:

Whaletone the Piano – Grand version

Company Name:

Robert Majkut Design

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Whaletone Grand is a bespoke musical instrument and is part of piano collection designed by Robert Majkut.

Being a unique combination of an original design and advanced technology, it caters for the taste of both design lovers, and professional musicians. It is a perfect, full of sound grand piano which may face numerous musical challenges.

Adapted to chamber performances, it will saturate a small space or, connected appropriately to discreet socket, it will fill a stadium of any size with its sound. It is a phenomenal instrument with professional sound which makes it a complementary entirety. Owing to the philosophy of creation and the possibilities offered by the available technologies, it is an instrument which adapts to the customer not only visually but also musically.

Whaletone Grand is an answer to the needs of those for whom the classical piano model was too exacting one due to its dimensions. Not losing a thing from the Royal model’s character, proportions, slenderness and characteristic line, it is its smaller equivalent owing to which it needs much less space and it is easier to be transported while the best acoustic features are remained unchanged.

Whaletone Grand offers completely new solutions in the play mechanics. Addressing musicians’ needs, their sensitivity to the subtleness of the play elements, we have designed a completely new system which is meant to make the manner of playing the instrument even more similar to the one which is felt while playing acoustic instruments. A system which joins classical mechanics with all the digital possibilities indicates the direction in which Whaletone grand pianos develop.

Whaletone Grand is made for individual orders only so it adapts to very personal requirements. Standard version is delivered in black and white colors, but Whaletone may be individually selected in colors, type of polish, selection of materials, via individual decorations, personalization and the possibility of the finishing configuration makes it an extraordinary and unique instrument. This is an unprecedented combination of possibilities. Each of the unique models is marked with its own, individual number, engraved plate showing the name of the owner, inscription or graphics.

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