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Hikari Collection

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Hikari Collection

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As the world emerges from the wormhole of a pandemic, the Hikari Collection intends to provide a poetic moment of pause, hope, and tranquility. Inspired by the playful characteristics of light, it features a series of six patterns, each representing a distinct impression of light when meeting various surfaces in nature.

This wallcovering collection is versatile and timeless, designed for a wide range of interior settings, such as hotels, residential, healthcare, and educational or institutional establishments. Whether it’s the meditative linearity of Hokime, the textual shapes in Noren, the mist-like effect of Sumi, the ripples and ribbons in Zephyr, the refraction captured through Renzu, or the play of light and shadow in Ori, each Hikari pattern gracefully engage the interior. The final designs—all customisable in colour and scale—are also offered in different substrates: metallic, smooth, high gloss, textured, etc. The multitude of customisations gives these timeless patterns an endless lifecycle.

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