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Touch Screen Oven

Project Title:

Touch Screen Oven

Company Name:

Fisher & Paykel

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A highlight of the Fisher & Paykel collection, this Series 9 oven with touchscreen ensures that every dish is cooked to perfection.

The touchscreen interface provides an intuitive guided cooking experience that helps deliver perfect results. The oven presents three main options: Cook by Function, Cook by Food Type and Cook by Recipe so you can cook with a favourite method, a hero ingredient or a go-to cooking function or recipe. Using unique technologies, ActiveVent ensures optimised moisture levels, while AeroTech™ circulates heat evenly for a consistent temperature throughout the cavity, ensuring perfect results even when cooking on multiple shelves. Pyrolytic self-cleaning function breaks down food residue for an easy clean and this model is also available with a dial if you don’t want exclusively touch screen functions.

Whether you’ve been cooking all your life or are just starting out, this is a great oven for all cooking levels.

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