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The Strand Swivel Tilt Lounge Chair

Project Title:

The Strand Swivel Tilt Lounge Chair

Company Name:

Powell & Bonnell

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The Strand swivel tilt lounge chair is evocative of a time when dimly lit smoke-filled lounges were the rage and going out on the town was a dress up affair. Designed for placement surrounding a round table or conversational grouping, perfect for casual dining or cocktail conversation. The webbed suspension, channel tufted seat offers just the right amount of rake and “give” to sink in and lean back into the spring tensioned tilt mechanism. The 360 swivel assures you’ll never miss a moment of gossip or forsake the view!

Show wood arm caps and back arch preserve the upholstery, while adding detail to the design from the back and in profile and is available in standard maple, premium ash & walnut. The “dinner plate” base is available in a range of plated or powder coated finishes

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