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The Rivington Table

Project Title:

The Rivington Table

Company Name:

Davidson London

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The finishes chosen for the dining table are a combination of the much-loved with the innovative and new. While the pedestals are finished in DAVIDSON’s best-selling high gloss sycamore black, a new satin sycamore silk has been chosen for the top. Black and white, an iconic coupling, find itself reinvented and revitalised in the Rivington.

The smooth and curved convex frieze evokes the feel of a slimline top. It is enhanced by the antiqued brushed brass protruding trim which follows the edge of the table top.

The three pedestals are an unexpected and unique almond shape, an intriguing design choice that is amplified by the brushed brass trim inlaid that runs down the edge of each base.

Set at angles, the pedestals can be positioned in any combination of ways to allow for a variety of seating positions. This means the table can be created according to any set of dimensions without its stability being compromised.

Clean lines meet sturdy confidence in the Rivington, whose form was inspired by the interlocking D’s of the DAVIDSON monogram. The interlocking letters reflect DAVIDSON’s commitment to establishing productive, creative, and meaningful relationships with clients as well as the family nature of the business.

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