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Sven Dining Table

Project Title:

Sven Dining Table

Company Name:

Douglas Design Studio

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Conceived as a companion piece to another original design, the Sven outdoor table is defined by its slatted, finger jointed wood pattern. The intricate table top, protected by a glass piece, appears lightweight and airy, yet is grounded in the weight and structure of its materials. A curved base softens the contrasting rectilinearity and adds structural tension.

Iroko wood was chosen to suit a taxing outdoor climate. This extremely hard and dense wood species does not swell, split or crack even in extreme temperatures or changing humidity levels. A lightweight aluminium frame and weighty stainless-steel feet stabilize the entire piece. The carefully spaced repetition of slats and legs gives the entire design a beautiful rhythm.

The elegant Sven table thrives in the outdoors, posing a continual invitation to gather, linger and savour.

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