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Sip of Gold The Fashion Collection

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Sip of Gold The Fashion Collection

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A homage to fashion classics – with Vichy, Pepita, Glencheck and Herringbone, four icons now adorn the Sip of Gold champagne goblets. The Fashion Collection is an elegant combination of the finest porcelain, gleaming precious metals and contrast-rich black-and-white patterns. The new decors from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG create a touch of extravagance and glamour.

Featuring a wall thickness of just two millimetres, the handcrafted tumblers have been adorned on their interior and on their exterior rim with 24-carat gold. Especially when the tumblers are filled with a drink, hundreds of reflections create the enticing impression of liquid gold that gives the collection its name.

Michael Sieger drew his inspiration for the Sip of Gold champagne goblets from a classic silver goblet that he was given as a gift by his wife and muse. The piece gave rise to the tumbler collection as a modern-day adaptation. Meticulously handcrafted in Germany, each tumbler is one of a kind.

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