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Simlead Drawer Box System

Project Title:

Simlead Drawer Box System

Company Name:

King Slide Works

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

An elegant all-mechanical metal drawer system with Ever-Active Push Open, Switchable Push Open and Vibration Safety Design (VSD).

1) The drawer can be push-opened from a closed or any partially opened position and smoothly soft-closed without bouncing back. Both push open and soft-close functions are fully mechanised and integrated into the runner profile.

2) The flip switch allows easy and convenient activation and deactivation of the push open function without a tool while retaining the soft-close function. It is ideal for child-safe installations or uses in institutional applications where safety is critical. What is more, interior designers and users enjoy greater flexibilities of functional adjustments depending on their needs/preferences.

3) With the King Slide Works optional Safety design (VSD), the drawers will be locked inside the cabinet under accidental shaking or abnormal vibration – no more tip-over injuries. To release from the locked-in state, push the drawer all the way in.

Individually, push-open and soft-close drawer solutions have been available in the market for some time. This solution flawlessly integrates both and significantly increases usability.

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