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Chiller Chair

Project Title:

Chiller Chair

Company Name:

Aleksandra Gromchenko

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Introducing a one of a kind, bouncy rocking chair. An international patent search has found no analogues, so Aleksandra Gromchenko know you’ve never rocked like this before!

Today we sit a lot, and this can cause long term health problems. But can sitting be healthy? Yes. Aleksandra Gromchenko created the Chiller Chair, specifically, for healthy relaxation. The innovative frame of the chair follows your individual rhythm, relaxing your nervous system and releasing endorphins in the brain which can improve mood and reduce stress and pain, soothe and foster deeper sleep.

Various scenarios – one Chiller Chair. For kids from 0 to 99! Expereince 360° innovative bouncy rocking, 135° relaxing sitting angles, and 360° body support to help you relax both your body and mind for every life moment. We sit a lot. It is time to do it healthier!

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