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All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Rhino, designed by Ruben Saldaña, Arkoslight’s product director, is a floor wash light that stands out slightly from the wall, cleanly and directly projecting the light obliquely. Rhino redirects the beam towards the exterior in an efficient and homogeneous way- without glare.

Process undertaken.

The design process had as objective the integration of a luminary in the vertical; casting out the light flux towards the exterior, without any reflexes in other surfaces.

In that way, an organic form was chosen allowing light to exit directly from the wall. Rhino’s shape is the result of the natural transition between two circles: the plane of the projection angle of the light source and the plane of the wall (where the active part of the luminaire is hidden; equipment and dissipator).

As a result, its shape is a logical consequence of this union between the wall and the protruding lens to project the light flow homogeneously.

Techniques used.

• Rhino’s front consists of injected aluminium to achieve the smooth shape that protrudes from the wall.

• The inner cartridge that houses the LED is made of high quality turned aluminium and black anodized, to obtain an optimum heat dissipation.

• The optic has been carefully designed in order to avoid a frontal projection, instead all the light its casted towards the floor or ceiling in a homogeneous way.

• A high-quality black-painted iron plate that encloses and protects the entire assembly is used as the junction point between the front and the aluminium cartridge.

• The cement wall recessing accessory is made of black Nylon66 reinforced with fiberglass.

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