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Refine Luxury Fabrics Care Range

Project Title:

Refine Luxury Fabrics Care Range

Company Name:

Nature's Laundry

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The Refine range by Nature’s Laundry is formulated from natural ingredients to care, clean and prolong the life of exceptional fabrics and garments. The range includes eco washes and sprays.

Refine and it’s private label products are now sold into around 50 countries, Harrods and Selfridges and is serving a demanding arena where Cashmere, Merino, Silk & Cambdeboo Mohair items are in the £1000+ range and are expected to last.

The Refine range has a secret plant-based formula, that is Vegan and removes the need to dry clean 90% of “dry clean only” items, (ref: Stella McCartney 2019). This saves the garment and the wearer from highly toxic, aggressive chemicals that reduce wellbeing and garment life dramatically.

Finally, Refine’s fragrances are artisan formulated with Perfume grade ingredients such as Italian Bergamot, Jasmine and Patchouli.

These active ingredients also reduce silk moth activity and damage in the wardrobe. The fragrances are designed to be evident in the fabric post use, but not to overpower the user’s own choice of scent.

Overall the Refine product range is there to keep beautiful garments, throws, rugs in beautiful condition as long as possible.

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