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Modulus Sit Stand Conference Table

Project Title:

Modulus Sit Stand Conference Table

Company Name:

AJ Products UK

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This height adjustable conference table is great for an active workplace that wants to bring more movement into everyday work life, and compliments our range of individual sit stand desks. With a simple push of a button, you can adjust the height of the table in no time to suit either a sitting meeting or a stand-up meeting. Numerous studies have found that standing at work for 3 hours a day can significantly reduce the risk of Diabetes, Heart conditions, and other conditions, at the same time as increasing productivity. Having active furniture has also being proven to enhance staff retention, demonstrating that the employer cares about the welfare of their staff. This product forms part of our active range of furniture.

The conference table has a timeless design that is easy to combine with most conference chairs or active stools. The lightweight laminate top makes it easy to handle the table. The top is resistant to scratches and moisture and is easy to wipe clean, and has an anti fingerprint surface.

AJ Products is committed to making the UK workplace a healthier, more productive place to be.

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