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Fold Linear Chandelier

Project Title:

Fold Linear Chandelier

Company Name:

Tigermoth Lighting Ltd

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A linear array of folded brass shades, each one made from a single piece of hand-grained folded brass. Individually, the shades present a striking geometric shape. Together, they take on an organic form. The appeal of the piece lies in the contemporary juxtaposition of its’ lightness and strength, with the angular shades being used to create an organic and sculptural chandelier. The unique modular ceiling rose continues this geometry throughout the chandelier and provides versatility in the length and configurations possible.

Each of the 45 shades is illuminated, casting light across the rich warm colours and highlighting the natural textures of the material. The bronze finish has been hand-relieved inside the shade to uncover the beautiful brass finish beneath.

The name of the collection arises from the primary process used in manufacturing, with every piece of brass in the chandelier hand folded and assembled in such a way to remove the need for any braising/welding.


Tigermoth Lighting is renowned for its immaculate statement lighting, handcrafted from the finest materials, made to order in England.

From the riverside workshop in the South of England, they create elegant lighting to grace gorgeous hotels, restaurants and private residences worldwide. They are passionate about British Design and British manufacturing.

Each and every light that leaves their workshop has been hand-crafted by their talented team in England.

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