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Di Valore

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Di Valore

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Di Valore is the ultimate example of sustainability in flooring. The raw material for this unique wood floor is timber that is recovered from long abandoned agricultural buildings in the countryside of Umbria in Central Italy.

Construction accounts for around 40% of global carbon emissions. We all have a part to play in changing this. Using wood in construction has a very beneficial impact on carbon capture – it’s estimated that each cubic metre of wood stores 1 tonne of CO2 – however it can take 150 years for an oak tree to fully mature and it’s becoming more and more difficult to source prime-grade flooring timber.

Therefore reusing old wood rather than disposing of it not only has a very beneficial effect on carbon reduction but also preserves a precious resource. It’s an exemplar for the concept of Second Life.

Wood flooring producers go to a lot of effort to artificially ‘age’ their product but that can’t match the richness that develops when wood weathers naturally over decades. Every batch of Di Valore timber is unique because the aging process is the organic result of time and climate and isn’t controlled by a production method.

This inherent character is the foundation on which the design of Di Valore is built. Every floor is handpicked and handcrafted by the team of skilled artisans to designer requirements, drawing on and reinterpreting the rich heritage of Italian woodworking:

Unique: elegant plank in classic proportions

Filo: contemporary , skinny format

Tessuto: end-grain blocks

Trama: a new twist on a traditional pattern

Chevron: design classic

Quadrotte: large format geometric inlay

Intarsi: mixed media, wood + metal, stone

Tailor made: the ultimate in custom design

Every Di Valore floor is beautifully unique. Isn’t that what everyone wants for their home?

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