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Dekton® Slim

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Dekton® Slim


Kitchen Product Finalist

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Introduced in February 2019, Dekton® Slim features a groundbreaking 4mm thickness available in selected colours from Cosentino’s award-winning ultra-compact surface brand. Slim is a whole new revolution in surfaces in architecture and building projects – it combines the amazing technical and mechanical features that Dekton® is known for with a new and much thinner, lighter and manageable format for installation. With its reduced thickness (4 mm) and weight (10 kg/m2), Dekton® Slim is the ideal, high-performance covering for a range of projects, including wall cladding or kitchen furniture.

Dekton® Slim is the perfect covering for minimalist kitchen designs, from hard-wearing table tops and cupboard doors to splashbacks and wall cladding. Ideal for busy family homes, Dekton® offers a high resistance to scratches, heat, fire and stains, making it a practical choice. In addition, for those coveting the benefits of Dekton®, it offers a lower price point, making it possible to save money on cladding installation by mixing and matching with a standard Dekton® kitchen worktop. Due to its thin thickness and ultra-lightweight properties (10kg/m2), Dekton® Slim is easier to cut, transport and install, with adjustments on site using ceramic tile tools possible. Slim is available in a range of Dekton® colours, including show stopping colours from the new Avant-Garde collection, classic designs from the new Portfolio collection and the popular industrial inspired Trilium.

All of these characteristics unique to Dekton® are present thanks to the technology used in its production, which has been developed exclusively by the Cosentino Group’s R&D department. Dekton® is manufactured with Technology of Sinterized Particles (TSP), an innovative ultra-compaction process. This contributes greatly to the fact that Dekton® is a completely revolutionary product; it is durable, very easy to maintain, and has potential for both indoor and outdoor uses.

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