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Control Switches

Project Title:

Control Switches

Company Name:

Focus SB

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Focus SB presents a debut collection of control switches for use with inline dimmers and lighting / shading control systems.

Manufactured and finished in-house, the push button ‘Control switches by Focus SB’ can be configured to suit functions required and are programmable with compatible lighting control or home automation systems, offering an aesthetically appealing modern alternative to proprietary controls.

Available in square and round designs, offering the same functionality as Focus SB’s retractive (momentary action) switches, the control switches offer the flexibility to include up to four buttons on a single and a maximum of eight buttons on twin vertical / horizontal faceplates, featuring smaller terminals better suited to low voltage control cables, voltage free dry contacts and LED indicator programmable options that work independently from the switch buttons.

Unique to Focus SB, its control switches collection can be finished to match the company’s full suite of electrical accessories, made in Britain.

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