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Chair Objet

Project Title:

Chair Objet

Company Name:

Maison Arabella

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Maison Arabella’s furniture should be looked at for its daily use, and whether utilised or not, it should energise an environment in the same way as a painting or sculpture.

In Chair Objet, each detail has been carefully considered to create a sleek minimalist silhouette that is contrasted with the soft curves of the upholstery, evoking understated elegance. Inspiration derives from modernist classics which Maison Arabella have reinterpreted in a way that befits their design ethos and aesthetics. The clean lines and soft curves result in a fusion of the feminine and the masculine for a piece that can be placed in a variety of settings, grouped or as a standalone statement.

From design to manufacturing, every detail in the Chair Objet is intentional and purposeful. Deceptively delicate, the shape takes into consideration careful ergonomic design for comfort and correct posture without compromising on aesthetics. The frame consists of two pieces of solid metal welded together to form a distinctive A shape structure. The minimalism of the design is emphasised by the handle to the back which constitutes an elegant and tactile feature to provide ease of movement.

Chair Objet celebrates the intrinsic value of brass. A solid and quality material with an alluring metallic appeal which creates balance with other palettes and finishes, with the promise that with time the patina will unexpectedly change the object. The choice of such genuine material instils a feeling of reassuring longevity and emphasises the desirability of this piece.

Produced in the UK, Chair Objet is available in a matte black and brass combination or all solid brass. The upholstery can be customised from a large selection of fabrics and leather piping.

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