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CasusGrill – the Eco Friendly Single-Use Grill

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CasusGrill – the Eco Friendly Single-Use Grill

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CASUSGRILL is a world patented redesign and green transformation of the aluminium disposable single-use grill.

CASUSGRILL is only made of sustainable materials such as cardboard, natural bamboo, lava stones and bamboo charcoal briquettes without the use of any metals. More efficient, less waste, safer to use and CASUSGRILL makes GREAT food.

All materials are biodegradable except the lava rocks. The lava rocks can be returned to nature and even used as soil treatment and 100% pure growth medium for plants. CASUSGRILL is ready to cook within 5 minutes and retains heat for more than 60 minutes. No fossil fuels are used, no large flames and emits minimum smoke when starting.

You can keep CASUSGRILL with your bare hands when cooking without burning your hands. The insulating lava rocks make it possible to reduce the risk of burn damage, potential forest fire, etc.

CASUSGRILL uses less resources and uses the resources more efficiently. For comparison, CASUSGRILL uses only 265 grams charcoals against the aluminium grill, which uses up to 600 grams of charcoal. This reduction has a large direct impact on the CO2 emission, which is reduced by up to 50%.

CASUSGRILL must be put in a trash bin after use, but if you forget – it does not take up to 200 years to decompose as aluminium or put CASUSGRILL in a bonfire and you leave NO waste in our nature.

In the big global picture, CASUSGRILL helps create less waste and raises awareness to take better care of our planet and our resources. We need to create new habits for future generations that make less footprints in nature and our climate, and that is what CASUSGRILL does.

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