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Candle Objet

Project Title:

Candle Objet

Company Name:

Maison Arabella

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Candle Objet is a truly immersive olfactory experience designed to elevate any interior. The hand-stitched leather sleeve features the striking geometry design of the classic ‘Maison’ monogram and envelopes the hand-blown glass container. Available in black, white and gold, the colours are respectively paired three corresponding scents, developed exclusively by Maison Arabella to accommodate the seasonal changes of the year.
The comforting feeling of fresh green tea in Thé Vert creates an aromatic green and lively perfume, a familiar scent for subtle and balancing mood.
The fresh and sophisticated notes of Fleur D’Oranger diffuse an intricate allure of citrus and floral bouquets, for an uplifting experience.
Recalling a journey through the Atlas mountains, Cèdre D’Atlas is a rich and warming scent that creates impact thanks to the soothing energy of the cedarwood.
The candles come in a 3-wick size of a generous 900gr wax to last over 80 hours of burning time ensuring a lasting lingering scent through the space. Each piece is fully recyclable and sustainable, with the option to refill.

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