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Arysto X

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Arysto X

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Beneath the beautifully designed minimal form lies a highly technical shower enclosure that gives the Arysto X its class leading functionality. To create a frameless 10mm shower door every element has been pushed to perform multiple tasks. The Arysto X has been distilled to its purest form, creating an aesthetically beautiful shower that revitalises and inspires, radiating class and sophistication.

Virtually Frameless

The dimensions of the solid steel support bar have been devised to hide behind the polished arrissed lines of the luxury 10mm glass, delivering an illusion of total framelessness by dramatically reducing the visual bulk of this shower.

Ergonomically Designed Handle

The Arysto X towel rail handle prototypes were carved from a soft wood to perfect any incremental changes, creating the most ergonomically designed handle possible.

This design was further enhanced by moving the door panel and handle in front of the fixed panel, so the handle is not restricted, allowing it to be used as a stylish towel rail too.

There is also an eyelet handle option, to allow the Arytso X to be even more minimal.

Floating, Self-Cleaning Rollers

The landscape Arysto X shower rollers are visually designed to create a floating illusion, echoing the dimensions of the handle and glide block, keeping all design elements of this shower door consistent.

Within the Arysto X rollers are revolutionary internal brushes, designed to wipe the rollers clean with every movement of the wheels.

The ingenious roller wheels are positioned in line with the glass and at each corner, for perfectly balanced rolling. There is a self-lubricating guide in the top bracket of the shower door, which adjusts to the exact thickness of the glass, eliminating all movement and rattle.

This self-cleaning innovation, soft close system, and an anti-vibrating strip in the bottom track, minimises noise and vibration, creating the perfect shower door gliding action every time.

Escape the everyday with Arysto X.

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