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Arc by Winch Design for Summit Furniture

Project Title:

Arc by Winch Design for Summit Furniture

Company Name:

Winch Design

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Arc by Winch Design for Summit Furniture is a range of beach club influenced outdoor furniture, inspired by the sea and sky. The signature feature of the range is sustainably sourced, laminated teak weave, which is woven between maritime-grade brushed stainless steel rods, which arc around the back of the seats in rows. Winch Design wanted to create a collection that took the traditional elements of basket weave and then develop the concept into a contemporary furniture range. The use of laminated teak woven around stainless steel rods is a unique element to this collection. As far as the design team are aware, a laminated teak horizontal woven design has never been used as a supporting structure on a piece of furniture before and there are no similar products available in the current market.

One of the main difficulties was finding a satisfactory solution for bending the teak. The team attempted bending by steam and reducing the thickness of the timber, neither of which were successful. The unique problem required much experimentation and a subsequent unique solution. The successful method was to use laminated teak (many thin layers) which offered the flexibility to bend the wood into a mould, giving it the final shape and strength.

No detail of Arc by Winch Design was left unconsidered; the grain of the teak on top of the coffee and occasional tables is manipulated into a leaf pattern, the lip of the arm rest which wraps around the back of the chairs, flows down into the legs, making it tactile, and gives it a stand-out silhouette. The low, deep seating style encourages a laid back and relaxed atmosphere, creating the perfect environment to enjoy a drink at sunset.

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