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An Architect’s Bag

Project Title:

An Architect’s Bag

Company Name:

Bolshakova Interiors

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The designers were tasked with designing and producing a bag for an architect that would, simultaneously serve as both a professional tool for A3-sized materials and an exquisite accessory. Nataly Bolshakova used her many years of experience and natural affinity with the needs of architects and designers to consider the finer details and nuances involved in designing such a product. Inside the bag, there is storage for the complete set of tools for a modern architect. Namely – a padded compartment for a laptop, a padded pocket for a tape measure, a compartment for a smartphone, a pocket with a zipper for personal documents and, of course a place for writing utensils.

The main difficulty was to design a large but functional case that look stylish, both in the hands of a debonair man or an elegant woman. Thanks to the proportions of its geometrical lines and shapes, the finished product was practical and refined.

An additional consideration was the desire to add volume and extra space. In total, 54 patterns were designed, making a total of more than 52 meters of precise lines with a certain strict logic. 111 parts were cut for one bag using these templates, and more than 28 types of materials were used.

The fasteners and zippers of this bag are made from solid brass, a time-tested material traditionally used in England. It can be found both in the form of exhibits in the British Museum, and door handles in Chelsea or Belgravia. This material is very durable and keeps its beauty over the years.

The Bag is painted entirely by hand in a noble wine color, with patina creating additional volume and texture. Developed in collaboration with Puffin`s buro.

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