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Boston Scientific, Dusseldorf

Design Practice:

Unispace Global

Project Title:

Boston Scientific, Dusseldorf

Project Location:

Düsseldorf, Germany

Design Practice Location:

Dublin, Ireland

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

As innovators at the forefront of the MedTech world, Boston Scientific was looking for a highly advanced space that could keep up with their equally innovative people. They worked with Unispace to increase their floorplate to factor in projected team growth and create a new workspace and MedTech training centre.

The result was a sophisticated, modern and functional environment that created an impressive experience for everyone. The lower floor catered for visitors and external physicians receiving training in their Institute of Advanced Science, complete with an advanced laboratory equipped with laser-proof blinds, a double air lock entrance and breakout lounge.

On the upper floor, this open plan workspace was designated for Dusseldorf-based teams in a homely setting bursting with touches of nature. Complete with a state-of-the art gym, library, Town Square and cafeteria, workspaces were tucked away into neighbourhoods to allow focus work, collaboration and problem-solving, creating value for everyone.

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