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Santacove Art Yard

Design Practice:

Link Life

Project Title:

Santacove Art Yard

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The residence features perfect application of natural materials as a traditional Japanese house does, with a free and flexible spatial layout. The designers utilised grille, glass and landscapes in the courtyard to enclose a series of transition spaces between the house’s interior and the outdoor street, hence forming a clear spatial pattern with rich layers, as well as independent yet integrated and elegant living scenes.

In a bare roughcast house, the designers aimed to create a spacious and open but quiet and private spatial structure. They committed to constructing a cultured living space that is full of life, fun and forming an aesthetic ambience. These design concepts seem to be paradoxical, but the designers balanced them appropriately in terms of space, selection of materials and style. The designers abandoned excessive decorations and focused on life, hoping to create a dwelling space that integrates nature, humanity and spirit.

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