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Fit Out Contractor of the Year – Workplace Finalist

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Tokyo, Japan

Design Practice Location:

Tokyo, Japan

The concept of this office space is “a town.” The essential motif working as a mechanism for the town-inspired design is the alley.

The huge office space is purposefully dotted with necessary functions such as meeting rooms and locker spaces, around which flow lines are arranged just like alleys of a town, thus achieving a circuit style layout. This layout, characterized by alleys for strolling around, is the key to the mechanism that generates random encounters between workers and the creation of astonishing ideas.

Based on the town concept, this office space includes areas and furnishings designed to express other various motifs such as communities, ports, caves and hills, so that the workers can realize autonomous workstyles in locations of their choice. These features are realized by careful examination of scale that can stimulate physical sensations through, for example, lifting the floor, lowering the ceiling, and narrowing or widening the aisles.

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