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Project Details


Restaurant And Bar Winner

Design Practice:

Hootan & Associates

Project Title:

Bosscat Kitchen & Libations

Project Location:

Newport Beach, USA

Design Practice Location:

Irvine, USA
Bosscat Kitchen & Libations 1

Being located in the heart of a busy city, Bosscat intended to invite people to a unique grange scene. It envisioned to be a spot where people get detached from their busy lives for a while. The design of the project initiated with a vision to evoke rustic farm features in the downtown of a modern city. As a result, the brief involved working with old-fashioned aesthetics and materials to achieve a memorable and glittering environment.


Bosscat strove to be a Green building which uses mostly reclaimed and refurbished materials, meanwhile, it wished to make an impression of a grain manufacturing setting. The challenge was that the limited number of sustainable materials tended to dictate a special type of design, rather than design dominating the material selection. Careful use of material, lighting, and furniture was necessary to preserve the focal character of the restaurant.


Bosscat used recycled materials with precise construction techniques to represent grain industry; it enhanced meticulous lighting fixtures to illuminate and create a grange scene. Creation of outdoor-indoor environments contributed to the theatrical effects of the restaurant. Today, Bosscat is a time tunnel which greets many people every day and allows them to experience a farmhouse scenery in the heart of a crowded city.

Bosscat Kitchen & Libations 1
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