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Project Details


Interior Design Project Over £1M Winner

Design Practice:

Exclusiva Design

Project Title:

Private Villa in Saint Moritz

Project Location:

St Moritz, Switzerland

Design Practice Location:

Rome, Italy
Private Villa in Saint Moritz 3

Exclusiva Design is an Italian luxury design company with significant experience in the realization of turnkey interior design projects. In this project, as in all others, Exclusiva Design offers a full range of services, from concept design to the realization of each single part of any project and interprets its clients’ tastes to turn ideas into material realities.


The project, completed in February 2014, has been the complete interior design of an upscale villa located in St.Moritz, Switzerland. The villa exterior has a very peculiar aspect, a contemporary shape with the wooden cladding typical of old Swiss farmhouses. The interiors do reflect the peculiar mix of “chalet style” with a contemporary look. The villa has three floors, of which one in the basement, ground and first floor.


The first floor can be accessed directly from one of the main roads. Here, past an entrance room we enter directly into the main living and dining area. There are three different living spaces, one near the entrance, one in the TV area and one facing the large gas fireplace. The door entering the room, and an additional one for the access in the small terrace in the back, are custom built. A simple, but extremely elegant staircase, covered in antique oak wood, leads to the lower floor, where three bedrooms can be found. The basement has a bigger surface than the two upper floors. Here we have a very large and modern kitchen and an area dedicated to service personnel. Formal areas include an home cinema, a lounge/fitness area, characterized by an onyx backlit bar counter and rear wall. Two additional gusset suites are present in the area. A large spa completes the floor, including massage room, sauna, hammam, cold water tub and showers.

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