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Contract Visualisation Winner

Design Practice:

Jet Aviation

Project Title:

Timeless To Visionary

Design Practice Location:

Basel, Switzerland
Timeless To Visionary 2

Jet Aviation Studio in Basel recently launched two distinct cabin interior designs for wide-body aircraft. Taking two floor plans of similar layout, the Design Studio developed two very unique design approaches to illustrate the journey in creating classic, timeless designs to more visionary design concepts that may provide a glimpse into the future of cabin interior design, particularly as aircraft manufacturers increasingly introduce lightweight airframes of composite structures.
Renderings of the two designs have been created by ACA Advanced Computer Art GmbH, along with a 3D video and a virtual reality display for clients to view and experience the Basel Design Studio’s new designs. In addition, the Basel Design Studio compiled a book for customers outlining the various considerations in producing such luxury interiors, while highlighting ideas for past, present and future interior designs in the world of private aviation.

Timeless To Visionary 2
Timeless To Visionary 1
Timeless To Visionary 3
Timeless To Visionary 4
Timeless To Visionary 5
Timeless To Visionary 6
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