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Project Details


Luxury Small Space Winner

Design Practice:

Candy & Candy

Project Title:

M/Y Candyscape II

Design Practice Location:

London, UK
M/Y Candyscape II 1

Candyscape II is a luxury 65 metre super yacht with cabins for 12 designed by the marine and aviation interior design team at Candy & Candy in collaboration with Italian yacht manufacturer Viareggio Super Yachts.


The use of space, as with any boat design, was an important and complex issue; every detail was carefully considered by the Candy & Candy team in terms of both design and square footage. The result, with a style spanning 1930s glamour to 21st century state-of-the-art, with wind and water motifs, and contrasting textures of leather and steel against silk and cashmere, is a showpiece of naval architecture. The overall design concept is based on the interpretation of the relationships between man, machine and nature; elements of this are referenced throughout providing a seamless but subtle cohesive design aesthetic.


The design team created a high degree of flexibility to the living spaces on Candyscape II which cater well to the multi-use requirement of home vs business. The design allows for flexibility with the arrangement of the areas onboard – many of which can be opened up or closed down to create more intimate spaces and respond to daytime or evening requirements.

M/Y Candyscape II 1
M/Y Candyscape II 2
M/Y Candyscape II 3
M/Y Candyscape II 4
M/Y Candyscape II 6
M/Y Candyscape II 5