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Yuexiu Yuefantasy Sales Center

Design Practice:

Shenzhen Innest Art

Project Title:

Yuexiu Yuefantasy Sales Center

Project Location:

Guangdong, China

Design Practice Location:

Guangdong, China

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Life comes from nature. Inspired by the birth of a colourful butterfly – the breeding process absorbed light, water, air and other natural elements, coupled with their own unremitting efforts, which finally breaks its cocoon. Inspired by the life law of breeding, cocoon-breaking and butterfly-forming, the designer establishes the spiritual pursuit and artistic imagination of space creation; comparing the whole architecture and space to life nurturing, to present the vitality and tension of butterfly cocoon breaking with minimalist modern techniques. It creates a transcendent state of virtual reality and self forgetting, and gives the viewer an emotional experience beyond geographical, natural and even cultural significance.

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