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Warshawsky Apartment

Design Practice:

Studio13 Project

Project Title:

Warshawsky Apartment

Project Location:

Kyiv, Ukraine

Design Practice Location:

Kyiv, Ukraine

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Studio13 Project created a timeless functional apartment for short stay of visiting top management team of a customer company.

Clear planning scheme and modern style. Functional yet elegant enough to feel comfortable and home in a foreign country. Able to withstand in time a change or guests, still nice in terms of materials, textures, tactile comfort. All brief requirements on functions met, plus added a maximum storage places to leave all space clean and well organised.

Splashes of colours in objects add vibrancy, easy to change and shift to another colour scheme or upgrade when needed. The outer shell of spaces is in long life palette, as well as shapes, parameters to last and inspire.

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