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Ukryte Rzeki (Hidden Rivers Restaurant)


16. Restaurant Design - Europe Finalist

Design Practice:

Boko Architects

Project Title:

Ukryte Rzeki (Hidden Rivers Restaurant)

Project Location:

Łódź, Poland

Design Practice Location:

Łódź, Poland

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Ukryte Rzeki translates to ‘Hidden Rivers’, referring to the scenic Jasień River that flows next to this stunning restaurant.

The venue itself is completely concealed under the courtyard of the Geyer Gardens, creating an inviting location for people to come together and enjoy fine fusion dining. Ukryte Rzeki serves creative fusion cuisine, combining traditional dishes from Lódź with unique and unexpected flavour combinations. It is also home to a bustling cocktail bar and regularly hosts live music. The overall aesthetic in the completed space boasts a strikingly modern interior which balances brickwork with contemporary tiles, lighting, plants and soft furnishings.

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