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Uh May Residence

Design Practice:

Roth Architecture

Project Title:

Uh May Residence

Project Location:

Quintana Roo, Mexico

Design Practice Location:

Quintana Roo, Mexico

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Roth Architecture Interior Design Winner

The residence harmoniously blends in with the environment, respecting and honouring the natural habitat that hosts it. With no straight lines or sharp angles, it respects the organic shapes of the ground on which it was built. There is real purpose in its design: to force us to be present, paying attention and observing our every step. The use of ferro-cement was specifically chosen to avoid the introduction of heavy machinery into the jungle, thus preventing the felling of 250 trees. Moreover, the material gives the space a cosy feeling. The finish, carefully crafted with local materials, makes this a unique space of purely organic forms. Meticulously conceived thorough attention to detail and amenities for entertainment, this property redefines life in the jungle, promoting a non-invasive dialogue between architecture and its natural surroundings.

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