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Tia Clinic

Design Practice:

Rockwell Group

Project Title:

Tia Clinic

Project Location:

New York, United States

Design Practice Location:

New York, United States

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The Tia Clinic pairs science, technology, and community with real-world healthcare services to create a radically inclusive, highly personalised, and compassionate experience. The clinic’s lobby and entrance convey convenience and clarity, signaling that Tia is frictionless, clear, and accessible and puts patients at ease. When patients arrive, they are greeted by a curved white, ribbed wood reception desk with a terrazzo surface. A graphic environmental mural covers the walls with speckled, amoebic shapes in pastels and grays. Rather than a typical waiting room, Rockwell Group created the Living Room as a space that encourages members to choose their own adventure. Wellness and educational talks will take place here, and the Living Room softly and warmly assumes holds space for those events, while also creating a safe feminine universe.

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