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The Small Flat in Old Lviv

Design Practice:

Oregano Design

Project Title:

The Small Flat in Old Lviv

Project Location:

L'vivs'ka, Ukraine

Design Practice Location:

L'vivs'ka, Ukraine

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

This is an apartment of just 25 square metres in the historic centre of Lviv. The materials chosen included ceramic tiles, ceramic granite tiles, aged mirrors, plaster moulding, brick, and paint as well as textiles of linen and cotton. The flat is shaped like an elongated rectangle and has tilted walls; its width is just 2.13 metres on the one side and 2.99 metres on the other. This property is intended for rentals, therefore the designer created a bathroom, enlarged the hall into the kitchen and made the room appear wider. The design also highlighted the flat’s setting in the heart of the city’s old town and combine classic aesthetics with modern functionality. Pastel colours have made the interior not only stylish but also light and bright, lending it the feel of Old Lviv.

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