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The Collector


12. Residential Apartment Under £1M - Rest of the World Finalist

Design Practice:

Hoda Lasheen Design Studio

Project Title:

The Collector

Project Location:

Giza, Egypt

Design Practice Location:

Giza, Egypt

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Hoda Lasheen Design Studio founded in 2006 was commissioned to design “The Collector”, a residential apartment located in Giza, Egypt. The client desired a design that mixes between being fancy, fashionable, classical and comfortable. As an art collector, the client wanted to walk around the house as if wandering in a museum of art, fashion and architecture. The design aimed to create an ambiance that is enriched with the utilization of colorful textiles with various textures and patterns. Those elements blend together in perfect harmony, in order to craft a magical feeling inside the apartment.

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