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Stoke Newington Apartment

Design Practice:

Avocado Sweets

Project Title:

Stoke Newington Apartment

Project Location:

London, UK

Design Practice Location:

London, UK

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Stoke Newington Apartment 4

Set in a converted Victorian school house, this London apartment was brimming with potential, but failing to deliver. Despite the high ceilings and exposed brick walls, its kitchen was boxed-off in a windowless room, with bedrooms on an open mezzanine, exposed to the noise and light downstairs. The overall feel fell short of the clients’ desire for a family home that was both suitable for children and reflected their quirky laid-back style. Through careful space-planning, embracing new technological innovations and creating bespoke pieces and styles, the apartment was transformed into a comfortable and unforgettable home. The greatest challenge to re-configuring the space lay in the fire regulations which require a protected means of escape from the mezzanine. To unlock the potential of a spacious open-plan kitchen design, Avocado Sweets pioneered the use of an innovative fire suppression ‘misting’ system which allowed minimal impact on the property in terms of installation and the potential for damage if in use. To complete the overhaul of the living space into a family home, the mezzanines were re-designed to incorporate a new bedroom and made child-safe and sound-proofed with stylish shutters. An entrance hall was created and staircases moved and adapted to allow better head-height and flow through the apartment. A host of design innovations combine elegance with quirk for a truly unique, off-beat style. Highlights include the up-cycled kitchen island, bespoke colourful colander lights, vintage magazine wallpaper and a custom-made minimalist ‘chandelier’. These sit alongside elegant and fun three-colour floor to ceiling curtains and a treasure-chest of vintage pieces. The result – a design that has delighted both the homeowners and online design lovers world-wide.

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