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Shenzhen Vanke Vega Villa – Top Floor Dining Bar


02. Club & Bar Design - Asia Finalist

Design Practice:


Project Title:

Shenzhen Vanke Vega Villa – Top Floor Dining Bar

Project Location:

Shenzhen, China

Design Practice Location:

Guangzhou, China

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Returning to the topography, architecture and landscape, the designers use this as a starting point to begin the planning and layout of the space, extracting the shape of the contours that exist in heaven and earth by refining the natural forms, using art as a medium to connect the interaction between people and the environment, and feeling the exuberance of the mountains and the sea. The flowing architecture echoes the installations, layouts and forms, presenting an inclusive and open stance, allowing life to embrace the mountains and the sea.

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