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Jiaxing Jiayiyuan Sales Gallery

Design Practice:

Fong Wong

Project Title:

Jiaxing Jiayiyuan Sales Gallery

Project Location:

Jiaxing, China

Design Practice Location:

Zhenye, China

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Interspersed with beautiful paper art, the graphic design language is transformed into a vivid and three-dimensional story situation. The holy and elegant “crane” and the tender and flexible “water” face the “river and lake” and look at each other silently. Shou, silence and joy.
Jiayiyuan Sales Gallery is not just a place for spatial display, but a link built with scenes to form a territory of brand-new sensory experience. Symmetry, order and mix and match here are full of diversified and modern “metropolitan” life, as if it has transcended the times.

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