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Sales Center Of Jingye Gao Li Gong Town

Design Practice:

GuangZhou Lanson Decoration & Design

Project Title:

Sales Center Of Jingye Gao Li Gong Town

Project Location:

Yunnan, China

Design Practice Location:

Guangdong, China

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Gaoligong Mountain is known as the ‘secret mountain’ in Teng Chong. It is a strong barrier that lies on the land of Tengbei; a natural wonderland, it is also the last habitat of many rare species. Over the five latitudes of the Navy Blue Mountains, there always hangs a milky white cloud. These vast mountains are silent; they have been standing here for thousands of years. Proud and joyful, they have guarded the tranquility and serenity of this landscape for millennia. The project is located in the first row of Gaoligong Mountain. Based on the magnificence of the mountain, the design is faithful to the concept of ‘Green mountain; bright alleys; elegant yard; delicate house’.

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