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Bayview Hall

Design Practice:


Project Title:

Bayview Hall

Project Location:

Shenzhen, China

Design Practice Location:

Shenzhen, China

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The project adopts the design concept of “urban naturalism”. The interior design responds to the original volume of the building, and subtly breaks away from the constraints of inherent structure. Sinuous, arc-shaped and curved walls are interspersed for spatial arrangement and division, which breaks with the limitations of visual experience and walking circulations and meanwhile realizes natural and traceless spatial transition.

Based on local cultural context and the differentiated positioning of the project, how to reshape an artistic coastal complex landmark with diversified expressions and balanced functions posed a great challenge to the design. The design innovatively explored the value of fusion and co-existence, blended with the environment in an efficient and sustainable way, and strived to stimulate the interaction between people and the space by creating a harmonious proportion and rhythm from details to the whole.

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