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Rustic Reflections

Design Practice:

AND Design Co

Project Title:

Rustic Reflections

Project Location:

Chennai, India

Design Practice Location:

Mumbai, India

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

“It was about weaving ideas from modern day and elements from traditional past into a contemporary form.”
Tailored to taste of individuals with radically explicit preferences, the unlimited enthusiasm and passion made it possible to deliver the desired experience. Masked in neutrals and layered in plush fabrics, the quaint charm of the judicious arrangement unveiled a story of ancient relics. To name a few, the Burmese medicine box, an Andhra beetle leaf box, and vintage South-Indian rice spoons outshined the plethora of handicrafts decorating this residence.
The transition of spaces from soft and warm to bold and strong character links with the influx of ample daylight striking superiority over the primary undertones. The dwelling also echoes of opulence by the striking use of exotic marbles and the distinct gold finishes. A judicious mix of Indian crafts, rustic mosaics and objects of ethnic roots touches the layer of one’s nostalgic pool.

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