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Private Villa

Design Practice:

AND Design Co

Project Title:

Private Villa

Project Location:

Bangalore, India

Design Practice Location:

Mumbai, India

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Private Villa Interior Bedroom Design

The client had a vision of this house being synonymous with their aristocracy, therefore Rococo style at its best was chosen to reflect the majestic house. Classical European architecture is known to induce euphoric pleasure thanks to the dexterity of detail bestowed in every inch of designed space, therefore the interiors of this palatial villa embody class, style and opulence. The client’s brief also included strict adherence to the contextual Vastu principles (a traditional Hindu system of architecture), aligning symmetry within the architectural layout. With the entire setting spread over a lush landscape, this villa steps back in time to recreate an 18th-century nostalgic monarchial setting.

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