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Niagara College Welland Student Commons


Public Space Design Winner

Design Practice:

Gow Hastings Architects

Project Title:

Niagara College Welland Student Commons

Project Location:

Ontario, Canada

Design Practice Location:

Ontario, Canada

The new Niagara College Welland Student Commons establishes a welcoming heart within the sprawling, decentralised campus, establishing a flexible gathering place where students can study, collaborate, eat and socialise.

In addition to enhancing student amenities, the project upgrades the 1970s era campus with a new north-facing entrance, enhancing both wayfinding and branding with a bold graphic treatment, and opening up the building to natural light and external views. At the apex of a complex of dark, narrow corridors from previous renovations and additions, the project involved demolishing some tight spaces, improving wayfinding, and introducing natural light to the dated campus.

The new 35,000 sf double-height space includes a welcome centre, cafeteria, retail space, activity room, and open spaces for learning and study with hotel-style amenities such as super-scaled LED monitors and a gas fireplace. Carefully sited near transit and student services, the addition also provides the college with an alternative entrance.

SBID Award Ceremony

SBID Awards 2021

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