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Nanning MT Fashion Center

Design Practice:

T&P Architectural Design Firm

Project Title:

Nanning MT Fashion Center

Project Location:

Guangxi, China

Design Practice Location:

Guangxi, China

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Nanning MT Fashion Center

The MT Puzzle Fashion Culture Center is located in the most prosperous business district in Nanning, As a members-only space, advance reservation is required for the exclusive and private styling services aimed at a prestigious clientele. Business activities include negotiation, commerce, model training, catwalk shows, and private custom-image creation. The designer sought to accommodate all these functions while showing the vitality and unique soul of the space. This is a cutting-edge space that offers a wonderful experience. It needed a sense of power, like the power of nature which is endless and full of vitality, melting glaciers, rejuvenating the earth and revitalising everything. The mirror surface in the suspended ceiling of the hall disguise the heaviness of the girders while increasing sense of space. The artistic conception of Chinese ink painting works smoothly and flexibly in this space, injecting an aura into the whole area.

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