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Lady Gregory Restaurant on the WB Yeats Cruise Ferry

Design Practice:


Project Title:

Lady Gregory Restaurant on the WB Yeats Cruise Ferry

Project Location:

Dublin, Ireland

Design Practice Location:

Dublin, Ireland

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Minima’s director Helen Kilmartin created the interior of The Lady Gregory restaurant on the WB Yeats cruise ferry, completed in 2018. This sleek and contemporary dining room with rich deep tones of bronze, burgundy and chocolate, is an atmosphere you are not likely, or expecting, to find on a ferry. Helen was appointed design consultant for the whole of the WB Yeats ship but it was in the à la carte restaurant that she really got to push the limits of ship interior design. Needing to balance detailing and ambience with the high durability standards necessary on a ship, Kilmartin used functional materials in moody colours and made a feature of the ceiling with an angular faceted design.

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