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JLTW Penthouse


12. Residential Apartment Under £1M - Asia Finalist

Design Practice:

LeeChen International Design Co.

Project Title:

JLTW Penthouse

Project Location:

Taipei, Taiwan

Design Practice Location:

Taipei, Taiwan

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The spiral staircase on the terrace next to the living room comprises only 180-degree convoluted glass handrails and wooden steps leading to the private bedroom area on the upper floor. The master bedroom is dominated by a grey and rustic lotus colour system, with a matte glass door. As an intermediary, the marble wall with complex texture is the visual protagonist, creating a sense of honour in the master bedroom area. The dressing room behind the marble wall and the bedroom area of the master bedroom in the mirror door on the right establish a spatial hierarchy through the progressive planning of the small entrance, dressing room, and bedroom. In the bedroom, the inclined ceiling is used to connect the walls. The light strips are added to resolve the need to avoid beams and columns in the traditional oriental sleeping area and redefine the balanced and straightforward relationship between the high and low walls to construct a different spatial context.

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