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InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland


Hotel Public Space Design Winner

Design Practice:

CCD / Cheng Chung Design

Project Title:

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

Project Location:

Shanghai, China

Design Practice Location:

Shanghai, China

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel has been constructed inside an abandoned quarry. To better fit into the surrounding environment, the interior design of the hotel has applied the aesthetics of mining as a concept, combining the wild rocks and vertical cliffs with the natural environment, creating a new conceptualised hospitality culture that only belongs to the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel. To incorporate the inspiration into the design, and to find a balance between the natural landscape and human beings, the designer tried to create harmony between the natural environment and artificial design. The interior design of the hotel is closely attached to the natural landscape, and perfectly blended with the surrounding environment. The experience is a cave adventure tour blended with a stay at a luxury hotel.

SBID Award Ceremony

SBID Awards 2021

Entries for the 2021 edition of the SBID International Design Awards are now closed.

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