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Imperfect Tribeca Harmony


01. CGI & Visualisation - Americas Finalist

Design Practice:


Project Title:

Imperfect Tribeca Harmony

Project Location:

New York, United States of America

Design Practice Location:

New York, United States of America

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Designed by Artem Kropovinsky of Arsight, this interior project in Tribeca curates an intuitive and personalized living space that beautifully interweaves the rough charm of natural materials with high-end features. A testament to creative craftsmanship, the apartment is imbued with unique elements such as hand-troweled fluted plaster walls, a hand-carved kitchen island, and heavyweight linen curtains. The design, valuing authenticity and embracing imperfections, tells a compelling story of human touch and history. This innovative fusion of refined elegance and rustic appeal, underscored by a commitment to sustainability, offers a refreshing divergence from prevailing trends.

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